Shanghai is the Economic center of China, a cosmopolitan city buzzing with new ideas, showcased in the architectural temples of art, fine dining and contemporary urban living on the Bund.

Business Hours

Bank Hours
9am to 5pm, Monday through Friday
Office Hours
9am to 6pm, Monday through Friday
Shop Hours
10am to 10pm daily


Mandarin Chinese


Metric System

Mobile Phones

GSM 900/1800

Plug Type


20 million

Time Zone

GMT +8 hours


220 volts


Getting around Shanghai is easy and convenient. Public transport in shanghai is readily available 24 hours a day. If you plan to stay in Shanghai for more than 1 week, it is recommended that you buy a Public Transportation Card. It can be used in most public transport vehicles: taxi, busses, ferry, metro, light-rail. Our concierge offer call in taxi service any time. If you plan to arrange a private car, our friendly customer care executive will assist you and ensure that you arrive in your destination on time.

Train is one of the best way to go around China and view scenic places while on the way to your destination. Trains link most parts of the country with reliable service. China's new Bullet Train provides faster service that connects to major cities. It just take 30 minutes to get to Shanghai from Suzhou and 2 hours from Shanghai to Nanjing.